Expanding Services

New therapist on board! We are SO excited to announce the addition of Chitra Graff to the EFT Counseling & Education Center Team! Chitra hails from Tamil Nadu, India and has lived all over the United States, in Great Britain, and in Guatemala. She has long loved the mental health field and is completing her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Abilene Christian University.

Growth and Additional Strain

With the continued growth in Southern Utah and the impact of pandemic on couple and family relationships and individual mental health we remain committed to help even more of our St. George and Southern Utah community with quality and affordable counseling. Like all of our Marriage and Family Therapists Interns Chitra will be supervised by a trained, licensed therapist supervisor – so you get two brains making sure you get the best possible treatment!

New Hired Therapist

With each new therapist we add to our remarkable lineup of professionals, it is not surprising to find a consistency in their passion for serving others. In Chitra, we have found this same passion, and she is gifted in her wisdom, skills, and ability to lift souls and offer hope and healing.

Plus there are these additional benefits you can receive when you chose to work with Chitra as she has achieved:

  1. Education at a recognized top University in the west.
  2. Relevant experience prior to training.
  3. Hand picked by our Clinical Supervisors.
  4. Excelling with the most up-to-date advanced clinical training.

A few extra special things about Chitra…

Chitra is a voracious reader, has a passion for serving those in need, and is currently working on writing her grandpa’s life history. When she is not studying for school, she spends most of her time as a caregiver, chauffeur, chef, tutor, nurse, and psychologist to her beautiful children. When she can find a free hour, she can often be found catching an episode of Law & Order or reading a John Grisham legal thriller. 


Chitra exemplifies the high standard of excellence consistent with the mission and vision of The EFT Counseling and Education Center. It is a privilege to have her as the newest member of our clinical team!

Chitra & family St. George
Chitra & family St. George
Relationship Therapy
Chitra (L) with childhood friend, also from India