Dr. Susan Johnson

Dr. Sue Johnson has worked across her career primarily focused on creating connection in close relationships. Knowing emotion has a deep logic to it she developed a therapy based on utilizing it as a compass to guide our steps as we move with others through life.

Dr. Sue Johnson has been our mentor, colleague and continues as our friend. She has been working to help couples create connection in close relationships across her career. Through study and practice she developed Emotionally Focused Therapy, knowing emotion has a deep logic to it, and we can learn to use it as a compass to guide our steps to help us dance safely and with fulfillment in close relationships throughout life. 

We strive to spread the work of Dr. Sue to help everyone learn about the revolutionary science of attachment and bonding. Growing emotionally, developing increased security and being connected with others in our humanity brings us and others meaning. It’s why we do what we do. Thank you Dr. Sue. 

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