Dr. Debi Gilmore

Providing training and supervision for therapists, support and education for clients of all ages seeking relationship and self-improvement.

My name is Dr. Debi Gilmore, and I hope you will visit my website. I find tremendous joy in my career as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, public speaker, clinical trainer, professional educator, and author. I am co-owner of the EFT Clinic, a large mental health clinic with 3 locations, focused on improving relationships, mental health, and overall well-being.

After 25 years of full-time motherhood, I felt inspired to return to school and pursue a career in strengthening relationships and promoting healing from mental and emotional suffering. After nearly a decade of study, completion of my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and thousands of hours working with couples, individuals and families, I achieved my doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2018. Since graduation, I’ve expanded my professional realm considerably. Click the link to learn more… 

“As I have said, the first thing is to be honest with yourself. You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself. Great peacemakers are all people of integrity, of honesty, but humility.”

–Nelson Mandela


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