Building A Lasting Connection®

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is the most successful approach to building strong and lasting relationship. We use the same principles of attachment and emotion processing to provide you with the most effective and up-to-date relationship tools and education.

Couple Workshop (provided in groups or one-couple-at-a-time): 

Building A Lasting Connection® (BLC) utilizes the best from adult attachment theory ala Sue Johnson and John Bowlby, couple therapy research ala Sue Johnson and John Gottman, premarital education, and experiential learning theory so you walk out of the Lasting Connection® Workshop with the knowledge, experience and tools you need to develop healthy communication, have fun conversations, explore issues, and solve problems so you can keep growing together, supporting each other and be intimately connected.

The Lasting Connection System®

The Lasting Connection System® is a groundbreaking and innovative method that guides couples seeking to connect to share in a more full, authentic, deep and meaningful manner. This Lasting Connection System® is not only experiential, it slows down the process of communication to facilitate emotional expression while exploring possibilities, navigating problem solving or turning around conflict.

Facilitator Training: 

The course curriculum is designed to cultivate well-prepared facilitators to provide excellent workshop instruction and support for using the Connection System®. 

The Lasting Connection® Workshop and Connection System® have research demonstrating effectiveness in helping couples strengthen their bond, communicate effectively and improve their relationship one step at a time. Learn more about our research here. 

Couple Therapy
Learning Communication that Brings Connection with the Connection System®

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